St. Luke's Youth is small, but mighty!

Sandy Thielen and The Youth of St. Luke’s Met twice in November and finished the last lessons of the Theme “The Liturgical Year” with the Celebration of All Saints Day on November 6th and Christ the King Day on November 20th. (Pictures?) Using the Curriculum “Weaving God’s Promises” we will begin a new theme in Advent. “Stories from the Older Testament”.

After sharing about what it is to celebrate All saints day, the children present (Matthew, Emilia & Evelyn Thielen, Alex & Parker Haverkamp) drew on their own what they felt it would be a good representation of each of the saints in their "mini book" Then they proceeded to do different activities like the saints would do:

Build a Church like St. Francis

Dress the naked like St. Martin fe Tours

Feed the hungry like St. Elizabeth

Give to the Poor like St. Nicholas

And finally, they carefully lit candles and said the All Saints day prayer for all those who are no longer with us.

The lessons follow the story of our salvation: from Creation through the Fall of humankind to our redemption in Jesus Christ. They teach how we as individuals fit into this story. The theme is God’s love for us and how God is with, no matter what, to bring us back to God’s Divine love.

  • God Created the World & God Loves it!

  • The Fall & Exile From the Garden

  • God Begins a New World with Noah

  • Abraham & Sarah Receive God's Promise

  • Isaac is Born & God Tests Abraham

  • Abraham & His Adventures

  • Slaves in Egypt

  • Passover & Exodus

  • Trouble in the Wilderness

  • The Promised Land