Service Information

Worship Services are Sundays @ 10:00 AM. Services followed by fellowship & coffee

Feb 4: Celebrant: The Rev. Howie Anderson; Deacon: Loxley Koshnick; Usher / Lector: John Emery; Recorded music

Feb 11: Celebrant: Sarah Hoch; Deacon: Loxley Koshnick

Feb 14: Ash Wednesday Service at 12:00pm Celebrant: Dana Emery; Organist: Barb Ebert; 

Feb 18: Celebrant: Dana Emery; Second Chalice: John Emery; Usher / Lector: Doug Friendshuh; Organist: Barb Ebert

Feb 25: Celebrant: Dana Emery; Worship Leader: John Emery; Usher/Lector: Jim Granger; Organist: Barb Ebert

Sunday School

Sunday School dates for February 4 & 18, starting at 9am with breakfast

Upcoming events: 

Feb. 4: 9am Sunday School

Feb. 7: Ministry Meeting

Feb. 8-10: Clergy Conference

Feb. 14: 12pm Ash Wednesday Service

Feb. 18: 9am Sunday School

Feb. 29: 6:30pm Movie Night - "The Help"